Corporate Sponsorship

For the last five years, Summits of Hope expedition teams and their charitable work have been prominently featured on radio, in newspapers and on television. Because we are such a unique organization, we routinely reach the public on a Canada wide basis!

We strongly believe that we can offer you an excellent return on your marketing investment!

We are all volunteers, and we pay no wages. That is why your support is SO important to us!

We partner with companies who will mutually benefit by supporting us -- with much needed expedition gear, and most importantly, funds to cover our operating expenses. This support allows us to donate 100% of our summit flag funds to charity.

Summits of Hope is unique in the wide demographic we attract. From the hundreds of schools that follow our teams as we climb, to the thousands of families at BC Children's Hospital where we are a beacon of Hope. Our pursuit of high altitude mountaineering also attracts the extreme sports crowd. We speak to your target market, and we work for a charitable cause. It's a winning combination!

Contact us today, and we will send you a detailed sponsorship package. Let us take your business to the summit with us!