How schools can help

Schools play a large part in our fundraising efforts.
Summits of Hope is proud of what we have accomplished in the past year, after speaking and presenting to over 20 different schools. From a small classroom where the students can try on climbing gear and learn about the different cultures we have met on our journeys to climb to an hour long presentation to an auditorium packed with 1200 students.

During the week of our climb in Africa (March 2001), over 60,000 people logged on to our website at Many of these visits were students who were following the progress of our climb via our satellite phone interviews. Many schools had raised funds in their community for our team, and in return, Summits of Hope climbers carried school flags up the mountain with us. These flags were signed by the students, who often chose to dedicate their signature spot to a sick friend or relative. These special "Flags of Hope" were the backbone of our school fundraising program.

Each day, the Summits of Hope Summit team schools would read our climb updates over the P.A. The students tracked our progress on maps, on the website and via TV and Radio. Several schools were featured on VTV News and in their local community newspapers.

Become a Schools Helping Kids Member
If your school is interested in becoming a Summits of Hope - Schools Helping Kids summit team member, simply email us at

Slide shows and Keynote Presentations
Looking for a Keynote Speaker for your next meeting? Need a unique way to empower your sales force? Planning a business lunch? Our keynote and motivational addresses have won rave reviews. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a clear, concise, educational message of giving back to your community.

A portion of the fees is donated back to BC Children's Hospital. You can also e-mail us at