Sponsor a Climber

Everybody has a mountain to climb and the children at BC Children's Hospital fight through seemingly insurmountable odds to reach their own summits.
The goal of Summits of Hope is not just to climb some of the world's most extreme mountains. We also want to help BC Children's Hospital fund some of the best research in the world, improve the quality of life of sick children, educate and provide care for those children who need it most.

Your tax-deductible donation to Summits of Hope will help us reach those goals. (All donations over $40 will be issued a tax deductible receipt).

Make a Donation with our Summit Flag Program
It has long been tradition climbers to carry brightly coloured Flags with them as they make their way towards the summit. Written on these flags are messages of hope. It is believed that every time the wind blows, the hopes and dreams of each flag are lifted from the material, and carried up into the heavens amongst the highest places on earth.

The Summits of Hope team also carries flags... But the messages written on our flags will be from YOU! We will carry these special flags with us as we climb to the highest places on our planet.

With a minimum donation of $40, we will carry your message on a Summit Flag on our next climb.