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May 07, 2019 at 6:40 AM  •  Mount Everest - Chris Dare From the North Col


Hi this is Chris Dare checking in.

We are in the midst of our second rotation. We went from Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp in one shot. It took about nine hours and was really exhausting.

We took a day off then went up the North Col at 7000 meters... 7500 meters. We went up an ice face, completely, completely exhausting. And Nuru helped me get up there. And then I got to the tent and I was totally exhausted.

We had the wind in our face the entire time. Every time you would look up you would have a big chunk of snow that would hit you in the face and despite covering up with cloths and buffs and everything it would get right by you. Everybody form the expeditions are up here at the North Col. We are going to go a little bit higher tomorrow and then go all the way back down to Base Camp.

The real hero here is Nuru who helped me get up here and then after he got me into a tent, he went back down and grabbed a whole bunch of peoples bags and brought them up too. It was a completely, completely exhausting day. Very little oxygen up here. And hopefully, things will feel better tomorrow. It is really really cold. Really really tough.

Chris Dare reporting for BC Children's Hospital. Thanks, Bye!