• 05/30/19, 10:52 AM Thank you for supporting my journey
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  • 05/23/19, 3:37 AM Chris Dare on the SUMMIT of EVEREST for Summits of Hope!
  • 05/22/19, 4:35 AM Update from Camp 3 (8,300m): your encouragement is helping up the mountain
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  • 05/20/19, 7:01 AM Update from the North Col: Prayer flags are ready for the summit
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  • 03/27/19, 5:33 AM Incredible views, incredible everything. Onwards to Base Camp tomorrow!
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May 30, 2019 at 10:52 AM  •  Mount Everest - Chris Dare Thank you for supporting my journey


Hi everyone this is Chris Dare reporting in again. I just wanted to give everybody a quick heads up on where I am right now. I left Chinese Base Camp a day and a half ago and we got down to 5,100 meters and have now entered Kathmandu and I'll be flying back home to Canada in the next day or so.

I wanted to thank everybody, absolutely everybody, for all your support, your words of encouragement and your donations for the BC Children's Hospital. It's been an incredible, incredible endeavor. The summit was only 10 minutes of the entire trip but the journey and the amazing acts of selflessness in the face of adversity by others is the real story here.

Even better is the lasting donations of over $10,000 that everybody helped raise for BC Children's as part of this exhibition. The overwhelming amount of money that was coming in after I started making that summit push and when I got down to base camp and saw the email that showed we had passed the goal we had set was just incredible.

I also wanted to say that although this Everest Expedition was extremely trying, and I lost a really good friend on that mountain, it doesn't mean that the other expeditions you may go on with Summits of Hope are going to be tragic or have any major incidents like this because they are not at the same level as trying to summit the entire peak of Everest. The other trips are amazing trips to go on, they are a lot safer and raise money for a good cause. I don't want anyone to think after you saw all the problems and tribulations I had on the mountain that it's going to take away from trying any of the other great trips that are out there. I totally encourage you to go with Summits of Hope and help to raise money for BC Children's and other great causes with them.

Again, I just want to thank everybody for your incredible support, it carried me through. Thank you for following and look forward to my Facebook page and Instagram where we will be posting awesome pictures of that summit push. I did get a picture of the Summits of Hope flag at the summit. It's not the best picture because of the weather and everything but I got it up there for you. And again, those prayer flags with all your messages are on Everest at 8,300 meters, tied down. And as those prayer flags disintegrate those messages go to heaven in the way that the Buddhist culture operates.

Thank you so much for your support. It's been incredible. What an incredible ride. We'll talk again soon. Thanks. Bye.