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October 24, 2023 at 4:54 AM  •  Kilimanjaro 2023 Russ Barstow - Wrapping up a Great Kilimanjaro Climb


Hello everybody from Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, it’s Summits of Hope climber Russ Barstow. I just wanted to phone and leave an update to wrap up our climb for 2023. We had our team dinner last night and managed ….. Gary and Eric ……were over $30,000 …. Funds … incredible… We also congratulate our youngest climber, Hunter Edwards for being a part of this at 19, paying his own way, raising his own funds and just doing a great job on the mountain. We had a long walk out after we summited early early the morning before …. The long walk out was just beautiful as we watched the sun rise over Africa. We got to the trail head about mid day, we had a big gathering with all of our porters and gave out lots and lots of stuff to them …. Suzie and Andrea had suitcases of gear that was handed out to porters who were very happy. Then back to the lodge for our team dinner and ….. where we handed out everyone’s certificates for reaching the top of Africa. Again congratulations to the team ……if you are ever interested in climbing something like Kilimanjaro with us please just click on the website and look into our next climb. In the meantime, I’d like to close off this expedition as the rest of our climbers are now off on safari or making their own way back home. Thanks again for listening this is Summits of Hope Kilimanjaro 2023 signing off after a really successful expedition. All the best! Bye bye