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About Me

I am so excited to be party of Kilimanjaro 2013! I've dreamed about this for quite awhile but only recently have climbed the mental hurdle to sign up (pun intended). I had excuses to why I couldn't go on this journey ($$, time off, timing in life, etc) but it wasn't until one of my students called me out asking "but why can't you go?" that I stopped to think. I always tell them that they can achieve their dreams if they put time, effort and care in, but I don't believe the same for myself?? I'm a teacher... someone who should 'walk the walk' if I'm going to 'talk the talk'. Our school has had 2 children pass away from cancer and we all have been, and continue to be, deeply affected. I wanted to honour their memory and do something... instead of just feeling resigned. Their lives were made better by BC Childrens Hospital and all the care they gave them during countless hours of need. So, Summits of Hope is perfect. It combines my passion of the outdoors, my love of exercise (though I'm a little intimidated by 19,341 feet up... bring on the altitude sickness!!), and my belief that BC Children's Hospital is one of the most important charities. I'm really excited to go on this journey, collectively work with my students and school, and above all, honour 2 kids who were the bravest little souls.
""One looks back with appreciation to the brillant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings..."" - Carl Jung

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  • Kilimanjaro 2013