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About Me

Five or six days before we begin our climb up Kilimanjaro I will have turned 81. As most of you recall, about fourteen months ago, I walked the Trans Canada Highway from Calgary to Vancouver in about 6 weeks. I have a feeling that compared to this hike up Kilimanjaro that hike will seem like a leisurely walk in the park. But I'm determined to give it all I have because - if not now, when? And to be doing this to raise funds for BC Children's Hospital is such an honour. All my six grandchildren were born in Children's and I can't say enough about the wonderful pre and post-natal care they received. Fortunately, none of my grandchildren required any life-saving measures but I know of many who weren't so lucky, and the care they received from the staff was second to none. So wish me luck and, if you agree that BC Children's Hospital is a worthy cause, why not underline that wish with a few dollars donation to BC Children's Hospital?
"What makes that little old man, Think he can climb a big mountain? Everyone knows no old man, Can climb a big mountain, But he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes, he's got high Apple pie-in-the-sky hopes. So, if you're feeling low, 'staid of letting go, just remember that man O-M-G, he just climbed another mountain, O-M-G, he just climbed another mountain - Yahoo!" - If not now - When?

Past Climbs

  • Kilimanjaro 2023