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Steveston B.C  |   CEO Cascadia Metals

Help me raise money for
B.C. Children's Hospital



About Me

I am excited to be joining" Summits " for the first time, and raising awareness and funds for Children's Hospital. My connection to Children's is my good friend and squash partner, Dr Millan Patel . Dr Patel is also a founding member of the Rare Disease Foundation which works closely with BC Children's Hospital Foundation to support rare disease research for kids in B.C. and beyond. I have been a strong supporter of the Rare Disease Foundation from it's earliest days. As for mountain climbing , it has taught me a lot about adversity and hardship. At the limits of physical and mental strength I have learned to value every breath, every movement. It makes me so thankful for what I have - For the connections I have with people, myself, nature and with God.
"" The mountains are calling and I must go"" - John Muir

Past Climbs

  • Aconcagua 2016