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LEANNE LEDUC Leanne is a 36-year-old registered emergency nurse at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver. Leanne started nursing school at age 30, many adventures filled the 12 years between finishing high school and returning to post secondary. During that time Leanne worked at every seasonal job known, from oil rig medic to forest fire fighter, construction worker to owning her own small business. The goal was always the same - to finance the next plane ticket along with a few months of exploration in a foreign land. Leanne extensively traveled in 23 countries in Asia, Southeast Asia, North America, Central America, Europe and the Southwest Pacific Leanne enjoys a variety of outdoor sports. She loves backcountry skiing, hiking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, scuba diving and river rafting. In recent years Leanne added mountaineering and sailing to this list. She has also completed a full triathlon and a marathon. Leanne like most people has been touched by cancer, losing relatives and friends. Her closest encounter with cancer has been with her brother-in-law, George. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in September 2000, two months after marrying Leanne's sister. George underwent brain surgery, radiation therapy and later suffered a stroke due to complications. Mount Elbrus 2004 Bio: Leanne knows Mount Elbrus will be an incredible mental and physical challenge but that this challenge is miniscule when compared to what cancer patients face each and every day. Leanne has seen firsthand, the devastating and far-reaching effects of cancer. She is thrilled to join the Summits of Hope Elbrus 2004 team in their battle against this horrible disease. Mount Kilimanjaro 2005 Bio Update: Leanne had an amazing experience in Russia on the SOH Elbrus climb and looks forward to Kilimanjaro 2005. The mandate of SOH fundraising has broadened from specifically raising money for cancer to include all of the debilitating health problems that effect BC’s children. Leanne is delighted to raise money for a wider group of people as a nurse, she realizes that regardless of the health problem people face, cancer or otherwise, it can be devastating and is definitely worthy of our recognition and support. Leanne will continue to be inspired by people like her brother-in-law George and sister Laurette to climb higher. 5 Volcano Climb - Ecuador 2007 Bio Update Leanne wanted to go to Africa for as long as she could remember. Many years ago the first National Geographic documentary she saw captured her curiosity. The fabulous animals, fascinating tribal people and more recently Kilimanjaro never stopped beckoning her. The 2005 SOH climb fulfilled Leanne’s dreams and exceeded her expectations she knows she will return to Africa again one day, likely to work as a nurse. Leanne took 2006 off climbing with SOH to concentrate on graduating from nursing school in June and to start her job as a RN at Lions Gate hospital. In January 2007 Leanne started a 3-month specialized course in emergency nursing, and returned to Lions Gate Emergency Department as of April 2007. Leanne’s brother in law George continues to have health issues but in general is doing well. He and Laurette are kept very busy with their three young children. Leanne is looking forward to her third SOH climb in South America this year. She always has a craving to return to high places, particularly when it is with inspirational people, for a more than worthy cause. Aconcagua –Argentina 2008 Bio Update Ecuador was a unique climbing adventure: 5 beautiful mountains separated by short stays in fabulous accommodations around the country. They included colonial character hotels, a stone fortress with colourful aromatic central courtyard and mountain lodges back dropped by the perfect cone shaped volcanic mountains. The people were friendly and the food delicious. Ecuador was truly a perfect balance of tough climbing and the good life. Leanne cannot wait to return to South America in January 2009 as another climbing first awaits her. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in South America, the highest mountain in the western hemisphere and it will be the highest mountain Leanne has climbed. If she reaches the summit it will be her first time over 6000m or 20 000ft a goal since Leanne started climbing at altitude. Leanne’s personal motivation for climbing continues to stem mainly from her brother in law George and sister Laurette. Again in March of 2008 George was diagnosed with his second brain tumor this time in an area of the brain that was inoperable. The outlook for George was very bleak, but George’s positive attitude never wavered. He underwent experimental radiation therapy and 3 months after was told the tumor was gone. George has beat the odds again and Leanne will persevere in her endeavour to climb the worlds highest mountains in support of George and others who struggle with things that most of us take for granted.
"Dwell in Possibility" - unknown

Past Climbs

  • Mt. Elbrus 2004
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro 2005
  • Ecuador 2007
  • Mt. Aconcagua 2009