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About Me

This will be my second expedition with "Summits of Hope". I have always been drawn to the mountains and the healthy and adventurous lifestyle they offer.Climbing a mountain offers you many parallels and lessons in life, as well as huge perspective! The connection you make with your team members and self through the setting of a large visible goal and the accomplishment of this goal is an incredible lesson in life that can prepare you for when yourself or someone you care about is faced with a challenge closer to home and the heart! Climbing with this knowledge and that are efforts are also going to an immediate cause will make this experince even more rewarding! I want to thank all those who have supported me through my previous challenges and hope that you will continue to support me in my new ones! Thanks you!
"" To get ahead, get started"" - Fortune Cookie

Past Climbs

  • Everest Base Camp 2010
  • Ecuador 2013