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BC Children's Hospital


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About Me

My first child was born 7 weeks early and spent the first 17 days of her life in the BC Children's Hospital NICU. The care and support of the staff was amazing and was reflected in the fact that she was able to come home so soon. I also remember visiting my sister in the hospital when we were both children and while I didn't know at the time just how serious her situation was - I could see on my parents faces how grateful they were for the care and attention their daughter received. In both situations, there were children around me that were worse off and it made me realize just how valuable BC Children's Hospital is to so many people. I knew that if I could do something to improve the experience of all the families and children that came through the doors of BC Children's; I should. Summits of Hope is the perfect way to do that. Combining my love of the outdoors and adventure with the ability to support BC Children's through raising awareness of their importance and providing financial support. I especially love the fact that every penny I raise will go directly to those that need it. I'm very excited to do my first climb in October and appreciate your support in making sure that I reach my fundraising goal.
"Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Past Climbs

  • Kilimanjaro 2017
  • Kilimanjaro 2018 - BC
  • Kilimanjaro 2023