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Vancouver, BC  |   Recreation Professional

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About Me

Sharon is a 27 year old Recreation Professional searching for her next adventure, whether near or far - looks like it'll be far! She is a non-hard core, fun loving, outdoors woman: a camper, horse packer, kayaker, skier, sit-around-the campfire-kind of girl. She brings adventure and passion to all areas of her life and is always up for a good laugh! Having traveled to 5 different countries in Asia in her early 20's, travel seems to bring her to the next level of insight and living. During that time, she trekked some of the Annapurna Range of the Himalayas. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with the Summits of Hope team is both a challenge and an honour to her. With several years of working with children in recreational settings, Sharon has an appreciation for the delights and discoveries all children experience. Helping children get through some of the adversity in their health and back to the joy all children deserve, is her goal as she prepares for the expedition.
"Everybody has a mountain to climb!" - SOH

Past Climbs

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro 2005