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About Me

Born in London, I grew up in the countryside in Hertfordshire, England. Even at a very early age, my parents instilled in me a strong sense of community spirit and compassion for those less fortunate. I remember when I was seven or eight years old, I helped my father deliver Meals on Wheels. He did this for many years and was eventually much older than the people he delivered to. I will never forget this life lesson. In 1992 I moved to lightening-paced Hong Kong, and although I donated to numerous charities, I never actually assisted, hands-on, with a cause, always saying to myself that I was too busy. In 2012, my wife and I decided that we wanted to raise our children in an environment of natural beauty and fresh air, so we packed our bags and moved to beautiful Lions Bay, BC. Since our arrival, my wife has joined most of the committees within the Village and our children have embraced the outdoor lifestyle. To the surprise of all my friends in Hong Kong, I have joined Lions Bay Fire Rescue, where I am jokingly referred to as the oldest rookie firefighter in Canada. I have felt blessed throughout my life and fully understand how fortunate I am. The next chapter in my life is all about giving back in any way I can. No more excuses. I have never climbed before and my only form of regular exercise is the Wednesday night fire training. Therefore, this endeavor is not only a physical challenge, but also one in which I can offer my support to a very important charity. 100% of money that I raise will go directly to BC Children's Hospital. So please, however small, donate to my challenge.
"Everybody has a mountain to climb!" - SOH

Past Climbs

  • Kilimanjaro 2013