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I wish I could say that trekking to Everest has always been a dream of mine. Frankly though, it wasn’t until Linda and Malcolm floated the idea of my joining Summits of Hope on this trip over a couple of beers one night, that the idea of visiting Nepal, or 15 days of high altitude hiking in the Himalayas, even occurred to me as a possibility. Nowadays though, it’s all I think about. The chance to support a great cause, while testing my stamina in the most beautiful and legendary mountain landscape in the world, all in the company of good folks is probably the best opportunity that has knocked on my door in a long time. Travel & outdoor activity aren’t completely new to me – though growing up in the Kootenays it wasn’t really a part of my lifestyle. Friends now are baffled to hear that though born in the heart of one of the sweetest mountain communities in BC, I managed to avoid skiing, and hiking and camping until I was introduced to these pursuits in the late 90’s. Since then, rock climbing and skiing (especially x-country and touring) have become a couple of my favourite pastimes, so much that I was inspired to move to Squamish two years ago where I now live with my dog Sims and the Smoke Bluff network of trails steps from my back yard. Nepal (and my further excursions to Cambodia and Thailand post trek) will be my first visit to Asia. I’ve previously travelled in Europe, out east in Canada and had a few trips south of the border. The idea of the new cultures, smells, sounds and tastes I’ll encounter are as enticing as the trek itself! (I’m doing a lot of “Lonely Planet” reading lately – your tips and “must see & do” advice re: my destinations are very welcome!) Most days, when not pouring over my atlas and stocking my travel first aid kit, my day job as the fundraiser and communications person at the North Shore Neighbourhood House in North Vancouver keeps me busy. And always, as much time as I can free up is spent with family and friends, getting active outdoors, and with a few other hobbies such as trying to organically fight the Squamish slugs for a fair share of my veggie patch. I’ll look forward to posting my adventures on the way to and when possible, during our trek in Nepal with Summits of Hope and I encourage you, dear reader, to support our cause if you can. I would be proud to fly your prayer flag at the foot of the great Sagarmatha! Namaste.
"Don't confuse your comfort with your safety." - unknown

Past Climbs

  • Mt. Everest Base Camp 2008