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North Vancouver  |   Wireless Network Specialist

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About Me

I have been climbing with Summits of Hope since 2009 and in November, 2017 I will be joining my fourth climb. Each time I go, I realise how important BC Children's Hospital is for their patients and families. I am really looking forward to this new adventure in Nepal as our team treks the Annapurna Circuit. I realise there are a lot of worthwhile charities out there and am grateful to the people and organizations that donate their time and money. If you choose to donate to Summits of Hope this year and support me in this climb I will ensure your flag is flown high. All donations are tax deductible and the kids at BCCH say thanks for your generosity.
"However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at." - Stephen Hawking

Past Climbs

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro 2009
  • Everest Base Camp 2011
  • Aconcagua 2016
  • Annapurna Circuit - Nepal 2017
  • Machu Picchu 2018