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Fire Fighter

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Burn Victims



About Me

I love the outdoors and especially the mountainous wilderness. I have always loved adventure and a challenge and have dreamed of going to Everest for as long as I can remember. For me this climb is a dream come true and I intend on making the most of every step and every moment. I hope to extend my trip slightly and summit a nearby peak called Island Peak (20300 feet) and hope that some of the other members of this expedition might join me. Island peak will add a true mountaineering component to this already exciting expedition and take me to a personal altitude goal of over 20000 feet. I have seen the amazing things that BC Childrens hospital can do for families and I am proud to help raise money for such a worthy cause and pursue my dreams at the same time. As a Fire Fighter for the past 25 years I have experienced the devastation that fire can do to a child and I see it as fitting that all the money that I raise goes to the burn unit to help lesson the pain that a child burn victim must endure. I hope that you are inspired to help me raise money for BC Childrens hospital Burn Unit.
"Everybody has a mountain to climb!" - SOH

Past Climbs

  • Everest Base Camp & Kala Patar 2014