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About Me

As many of you know, Gina & I love the outdoors, and our adventures. We are both lucky to have our health, which has allowed us to see so many places. We were introduced to Summits Of Hope a few years ago through the Lawsons, and from that time we have wanted to join the team & help raise money for BC Children’s Hospital to support the continuing development of the world class facility. This year, we are joining the Kilimanjaro Team and on October ….. will attempt to summit the highest peak in Africa. This will be a challenging goal, but nothing compared to the challenges that kids face on a daily basis at BC Children’s Hospital. Through his company's projects, Warren has been able to see the results of fund raising implemented at Children's Hospital. We are both excited to be part of the Summits Of Hope team and meeting our fund raising goal. Please join us on our journey to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital, 100% of your donation goes directly to BC Children’s Hospital. At Summits of Hope, we believe that "Everybody has a Mountain to Climb". Thanks for your support and donation Warren & Gina Gotch
"Everybody has a mountain to climb!" - SOH

Past Climbs

  • Kilimanjaro 2018 - BC