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Mt.Kilimanjaro 19,341 feet. Come climb with Summits of Hope, lead the adventure of a lifetime and raise funds for BC Children's Hospital!
Climbers must be 19 years of age or older to climb with Summits of Hope.

  • Oct 15-27, 2023
  • 19,341 feet
  • Min 8 - Max 22
  • $3490 USD


Expedition: Climb fees, Park Permits, Guides and Porters, all meals on the mountain, tents, transfers to and from the mountain.

Lodging: 3 nights (2 before the climb and 1 after) in an African Safari / Climbing Lodge in Arusha Tanzania. Breakfasts included.

Site Transportation: All local transfers

Not Included



Adventure awaits!

  • DAY 1-2
    • Destination Dik Dik Lodge
    • Elevation 4500 feet
    • Climb Time --
    DAY 1-2: October 15 & 16
    The Dik Dik Lodge
    4,500 ft
    Climb Time
    You will be met at the Kilimanjaro International Airport by our Director of Operations and your head climbing guide. After loading your gear into our private vehicle, we drive towards our lodge in the Usa River area, a lush green oasis in the foothills of Mt. Meru. Here, you will spend two nights resting after the long flight.

    The food at our lodge is fantastic, and the coffee is great. Your body will also be getting used to a little bit of altitude, as our lodge is located at 4500 ft.

    On day two, we will take an optional nature walk, visiting a local orphanage. You will also need to prepare your gear for our guides to weigh and check. Enjoy your send off dinner, and prepare for an early pick up tomorrow!
  • DAY 3
    • Destination Rongai Gate to Simba Camp
    • Elevation 6,500 ft to 9,450 ft (2000m to 2880m)
    • Climb Time --
    Day 3: Oct 17
    From Moshi we first go to the Marangu park headquarters to register. Then we take a long drive along the Tanzanian/Kenyan border until we reach Rongai where we head up the mountain. From the Park gate we trek along an old 4wd track through the forest and heather. Lots of Elephant dung is to be found and we might spot one of the 'droppers' ourselves! We sleep at a camp just above the forest trees, Simba Camp.
  • DAY 4
    • Destination Kikelawa Caves
    • Elevation 9,450 ft to 11,810 ft (2880m to 3600m)
    • Climb Time --
    Day 4: Oct 18
    We leave camp and cross the moorland with good views of Kibo, the Eastern Icefields and Mawenzi. we pass the 2nd Rongai Cave at 3450m where the track splits: straight ahead is possible, we go left (east) towards Mawenzi for better acclimatization. The campsite is in a sheltered valley near the Kikelewa Caves at 3600m.
  • DAY 5
    • Destination Mawenzi Tarn Hut
    • Elevation 11,810 ft to 14,200 ft (3600m to 4330m)
    • Climb Time --
    Day 5: Oct 19
    Today is not long, but steeper than the day before (not technical). The campsite is at the "Mawenzi Tarn", situated directly beneath the rugged rocks of 5149 m high Mawenzi. After a bit or a rest at our camp, we will go on an acclimatization hike to a viewpoint of both Mawenzi Tarn camp and Mt.Kilimanjaro. This is a great photo opportunity and a chance to update our website with a satellite phone call. This acclimatization hike takes about 2 hours.
  • DAY 6
    • Destination Outward Bound 'School' Camp
    • Elevation 14,200 ft to 15,585 ft (4330m to 4750m)
    • Climb Time --
    Day 6: Oct 20
    We cross the wide plateau aptly called "the Saddle" between Mawenzi and Kibo. We arrive at the School camp where the direct trek from 1st cave also ends up. Today is a relatively flat day, so you can start preparing mentally and physically (resting and eating/drinking a lot) for the next two days, climbing into the crater of Mt.Kilimanjaro and then on to the Summit.
  • DAY 7
    • Destination Crater Camp
    • Elevation 15,585 ft to 18,375 ft (4750m to 5600m)
    • Climb Time --
    Day 7 Oct 21
    Today’s climb through the upper reaches of Kilimanjaro seems long and steep. Our route follows switchbacks and twists its way toward high crater camp, one of the finest mountain camps on the planet. As you arrive, you will see – and touch – the ‘snows of Kilimanjaro.’ The Glacier and Ash pit are all within walking distance from camp. And the summit awaits you… just above! Early to bed… tomorrow is summit day!
  • DAY 8
    • Destination Summit Day! Uhuru Peak
    • Elevation 19,340 ft (5895m)
    • Climb Time --
    Day 8: Oct 22
    After an early breakfast (4:00 a.m.), we will leave camp under the light of the moon and hike for 1 – 2 hours to the top of the crater rim. The views are magnificent, as the sun forms a fiery bead of gold on the eastern horizon and you breathe the cold, dry air at the roof of African continent. As you reach the top of the steep, switchback trail, it is just a short walk to Uhuru Summit, the highest point in Africa 19,340 feet! We arrive at the summit and are rewarded with clear views before the midmorning clouds roll in.

    ... and Descent to HORMOBO HUT CAMP Elevation: 12,200 ft (3720m)
    Descent: 4-5 hours

    After enjoying the views, and taking lots of photographs, we will begin our descent down to our camp near Horombo Hut Camp. We will stop at Kibo Hut on the way down to have an early lunch and rest after the early morning and Summit of Kilimanjaro. Before we leave to Horombo Hut, there will hopefully be a chance for a quick phone call home to speak with those who are close to you. We will have descended almost 9,000 feet today and you will feel intoxicated by the oxygen rich air. Later in the evening, we enjoy our last dinner on the mountain and a well-earned sleep.
  • DAY 9
    • Destination Marangu Gate
    • Elevation 12,200 ft to 4500 ft
    • Climb Time --
    Day 9: Oct 23
    The exhaustion of yesterday’s long summit day, and the thick air down in the forest may have you waking from the deepest sleep you can remember. After a very early breakfast, we will leisurely descend down to the Marangu Park Gate.

    Once we have descended to the trailhead we will have a celebration and say good-bye to our mountain staff before heading off to the hotel. It is traditional to celebrate, and have a cold drink with our Porters and Guides, and it is here that you are able to tip your Guides and Porters. This is a fun afternoon, and everyone is happy! Our Land Rovers will be waiting for you at the park gate.

    At our lodge, it is time for your team to celebrate! You can relax, swim in the pool and enjoy the serene setting overlooking the hills of Mt. Meru. Tonight’s dinner is in the dining room, with a table set up just for our climbers! Enjoy… you’ve earned it.
  • DAY 10
    • Destination Arusha/Safari
    • Elevation --
    • Climb Time --
    Day 10: Oct 24
    You can choose to head home, go on safari or carry on with your vacation!
    If on safari, we will be tenting this night
  • DAY 11
    • Destination Safari
    • Elevation --
    • Climb Time --
    Day 11: Oct 25
    Tenting on safari
  • DAY 12
    • Destination Safari
    • Elevation --
    • Climb Time --
    Day 12: Oct 26
    Staying in a beautiful coffee plantation lodge at the end of the safari
  • DAY 13
    • Destination Kilimanjaro Airport
    • Elevation --
    • Climb Time --
    Day 13: Oct 27
    Return home or carry on further with your adventure!


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